The Hand Ring Trend Is Hot With Loose Cubic Zirconia Stones

Jewelry designers and manufactures have many customers who are choosing loose cubic zirconia stones or lab created gems instead of diamonds for engagement rings as these rings have proven to be the most cost effective option for couples starting their life together.  Lab created gems and loose cubic zirconia stones are versatile as they come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes which make creating engagement rings that last a lifetime in high demand.

The hot new trend for women in jewelry for 2014 is the right hand ring.  Not to be confused with a cocktail ring, the right hand ring is chosen as a statement piece of jewelry for many ladies that are looking for something special to wear every day of the week.  Jewelry designers and manufactures using loose cubic zirconia or lab created gems are satisfying this new jewelry trend by creating classy rings that ladies adore.

Married and single ladies are wearing right hand rings as a way to update their wardrobe and express their individual fashion style.  Jewelry designers are finding the combining lab created gems with loose cubic zirconia stones into one type of ring creation is a hot commodity for ladies seeking a brilliant red ruby or blue sapphire lab created gem that is surrounded by sparkling loose cubic zirconia stones.

The high quality wholesale loose cubic zirconia and wholesale lab created gems that are available at FU RONG GEMS makes creating the spectacular rings an easy choice for women who do not want to spend their money on pricey diamonds.  Men are finding that right hand rings are a great gift idea for their gals and they too are choosing to buy right hand rings made with loose cubic zirconia and lab created gems because of the amazing quality of the gemstones.